The bill amends Section 20-7-15 of the General Laws in Chapter 20-7, which is entitled "Lobsters and Other Crustaceans." The amendment includes a change in the title of the section to "Methods of taking blue crabs Nonresidents. Taking of blue crabs." It specifies the legal methods for taking blue crabs in the state, which are by scoop or crab net, trot, or hand line—a change from the previous term "land line" to the correct term "hand line." Additionally, the bill removes the restriction that prohibited the taking of blue crabs from the waters of the state between sunset and sunrise, effectively allowing for the harvesting of blue crabs during hours of darkness.

The explanation provided by the Legislative Council states that the purpose of the act is to permit the harvesting of blue crabs at night and to correct the terminology used in the law from "land line" to "hand line." The act is set to take effect immediately upon passage.

Statutes affected:
7440: 20-7-15