The bill amends the General Laws in Chapter 11-47 entitled "Weapons" to enhance the requirements for the safe storage of firearms. It redefines unsafe storage of a firearm to include not securing the firearm in a locked container or without a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device, with increased penalties for non-compliance. The age of a child is redefined from sixteen to eighteen years, and the bill introduces criminal storage of a firearm in the first and second degrees, with severe penalties for cases where improperly stored firearms are used in a crime or cause injury. Additionally, the bill requires licensed retail dealers to provide a trigger lock or other safety device with every pistol, rifle, or shotgun sold and mandates the display of informational signs about firearm storage risks and legal requirements in both English and Spanish.

The bill also incorporates educational initiatives to promote awareness of firearm safety. The Department of Health, in collaboration with the state police, must create printed materials detailing the risks of firearm access, secure storage laws, a summary of firearms legislation, and suicide prevention resources, which firearms dealers are required to distribute to purchasers. The Department of Health and the Department of Education are tasked with producing information for students and families about secure gun storage and behavioral health resources, to be distributed annually and made available on school district websites. The act is set to become effective immediately upon passage, signaling a comprehensive approach to firearm safety and education.