This bill amends Chapter 31-3 of the General Laws to allow for the issuance of special motor vehicle registration plates for the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation, a not-for-profit entity. The plates will be designed to reference the foundation and will be the same size as regular motor vehicle plates. The bill also outlines the procedures for obtaining and using the special plates, including the requirement to remove and return the original registration plates for the vehicle. In addition to the regular registration fee, there will be a $40 issuance surcharge for the special plates, with $20 allocated to the general fund and $20 distributed annually to the foundation for fisheries research and education projects. A $10 surcharge for subsequent registration renewals will also be allocated to the foundation. The foundation must use any Rhode Island sourced funds for the benefit of Rhode Island based charitable organizations, and must submit an annual accounting report before the funds are distributed. The bill will take effect six months after passage.