The "Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disaster Act of 2024" is designed to provide tax and regulatory relief to out-of-state businesses and their employees who temporarily operate in a state specifically to assist with disaster recovery efforts. The bill exempts these businesses and individuals from certain state and local taxes, such as business and employee taxes, and from licensing and regulatory requirements during their temporary stay for disaster response. It defines key terms related to disaster response work and ensures that activities carried out by out-of-state businesses during a disaster period do not affect state income apportionment for tax purposes, nor will out-of-state employees be considered residents for tax purposes.

The bill stipulates that while out-of-state businesses and employees are exempt from many taxes and requirements, they are still obligated to pay transaction taxes and fees, like fuel taxes or sales and use taxes, unless specifically exempted. Once the disaster period concludes, any out-of-state business or employee that remains in the state will be subject to the usual state standards for presence, residency, or business operations, including all relevant tax requirements. The bill also details administrative procedures, such as the need for out-of-state businesses to provide information to the Rhode Island emergency management agency during the disaster period, and the necessity to complete state and local registration, licensing, and filing requirements if they stay beyond the disaster period. The legislation will be effective immediately upon passage.