The bill amends Section 42-64.17-1 of the General Laws in Chapter 42-64.17 entitled "Long-Term Economic Development" to include considerations for climate change, sea-level rise, and coastal resiliency in Rhode Island's economic development strategy. The economic development corporation and the division of planning are tasked with developing a written long-term economic development vision and policy for the state, which must now also focus on equitable outcomes for all Rhode Islanders and rely on comprehensive economic data that includes the new environmental factors. The strategic plan must include detailed implementation plans with stated goals and specific performance measures.

Additionally, the bill modifies the composition of the economic development planning council, increasing its membership from seventeen to nineteen members by adding the director of the department of environmental management and the executive director of the coastal resources management council. The bill also replaces the director of the economic development corporation with the secretary of commerce as chair of the council. The council is responsible for developing the long-term economic development vision and policy, which must be reviewed and considered by the governor and submitted to the senate and house of representatives for a public hearing before final approval. The bill stipulates that the economic development corporation will provide staff support for the council's work, and all state departments are to cooperate with the council. The act will take effect upon passage.

Statutes affected:
7246  SUB A: 42-64.17-1
7246: 42-64.17-1