The bill introduces the "Transparency in Arts Education Access and Proficiency Act" (TAEAPA) to Title 16 of the General Laws, which pertains to education. The act aims to enhance transparency and proficiency in arts education in public middle and high schools. It defines "arts" to include a range of disciplines such as dance, media arts, music, theater, visual arts, and fine arts like painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry. The Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is referred to as the "Department" within the context of the act.

Starting with the 2025-26 academic school year, the Department is required to include on each school's annual report card the percentage of students enrolled in arts education courses and the number of available courses in each arts area, as per the national core arts standards. Additionally, from the 2025-26 fiscal year, the Department may appoint an arts education curriculum coordinator to support schools in meeting curricular and reporting requirements. By the 2026-27 academic school year, high schools will be required to provide a sample of graduated students' portfolios demonstrating proficiency in an arts discipline. The act will take effect immediately upon passage.