The bill amends the General Laws in Chapter 5-6, which pertains to electricians, by specifying additional types of work that require a licensed electrician. New insertions in the bill include the requirement for licensed electricians to handle support systems for electrical equipment and devices, lighting, control of electrical devices, and the handling and removal for installation or re-installation of all electrical equipment and devices within the jobsite. The bill also mandates that electricians must carry their license at all times while working and display their contractor’s license number on any advertisement, contract, bid, or applicable permit.

Furthermore, the bill outlines the types of contractor’s certificates/licenses that can be issued, such as Electrical contractor’s license, Burner contractor’s license, and several others, each with its own qualifications and scope of work. Notably, the bill allows registered contractors with a Certificate REP (Renewable Energy Professional certificate) to install solar sheathing systems of 10 kilowatts or less on residential structures, but the connection to the electrical grid and energization must be performed by a Rhode Island licensed electrician. The bill also removes the specific mention of photovoltaic modules to the mounting racks from the scope of work allowed without a licensed electrician. The Legislative Council's explanation clarifies that certain electrical work must be performed by licensed contractors, and the act will take effect on January 30, 2025.