The bill amends Section 31-38-1 of the General Laws in Chapter 31-38, which pertains to the inspection of motor vehicles. The amendment requires that no person shall sell, drive, or move any motor vehicle on a highway unless the vehicle's equipment is in good working order and the vehicle is in safe mechanical condition. Additionally, it mandates that used vehicle dealers must conduct a new inspection and have a new certificate of inspection affixed to the windshield at the time of retail sale, with two exceptions.

The first exception inserted into the law allows for the sale of used vehicles "for parts only" without the need for a new inspection, provided that it is clearly identified on the bill of sale. The second exception is for vehicles purchased at the end of their lease term by the current lessee, as long as they have a valid certificate of inspection issued by the state of Rhode Island at the time of sale. The act is set to take effect six months after its effective date.

Statutes affected:
7014  SUB A: 31-38-1
7014: 31-38-1