Pennsylvanian workers have literally built this country, and they continue to demonstrate a high level of productivity with a stellar work ethic. Unfortunately, as our economy continues to shift and change, some of our employees are ending up getting the short end of the stick. All too often, salaries, benefits, and pensions are cut, voices for safety or better working conditions are ignored, or efforts to organize are stymied - at a time when many executives are bringing home record compensation.

As such, our legislation will require that for any corporation with 200 employees or more to be eligible for a state contract, state funding, or a state grant, they shall not have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act or been found guilty of an unfair labor practice in the last five years. Additionally, they must prove that at least 20% of their governing board (if they have one) are employees elected by the organization’s workforce.

We believe that by requiring these minimal requirements we will be encouraging positive employer/employee relations and increasing the voice of employees when it comes to important business decisions. Please join us in co-sponsoring this legislation and working to ensure that Pennsylvania’s economy works for all its citizens.