The Federal Government has begun implementing the $550 billion dollar Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the $783 billion dollar Inflation Reduction Act. These enormous investments present an incredible opportunity for Pennsylvania to upgrade our infrastructure, accelerate energy production, and create family-sustaining jobs.
States as diverse as South Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, and Maine have prepared for this moment by creating publicly run entities that seize federal funds, attract private investment, and finance and initiate clean energy infrastructure projects. Fortunately, Pennsylvania already has a public financing authority — the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) — that is well-suited to play this role.
Because PEDA was created in 1982, its enabling legislation needs modernization: the statute, as written, does not provide PEDA with the clarity of purpose to maximize its potential role as an energy accelerator and job creator.
However, a few changes to the administrative code could ensure that PEDA has the resources and mission to seize federal dollars and encourage private investment so that Pennsylvania can turbocharge energy production and create family-sustaining jobs in communities across Commonwealth.
This legislation would create the framework for Pennsylvania to do big things. We can:



Statutes/Laws affected:
Printer's No. 3171: P.L.177, No.175
Printer's No. 3302: P.L.177, No.175