In the near future, I plan to introduce legislation that will create transparency in the construction industry in Pennsylvania and help to protect commercial construction contractors who operate with integrity and follow the state’s laws and regulations.
Specifically, my bill will require construction contractors and subcontractors to complete a simple verification form that certifies that they are legally operating in Pennsylvania and allows workers, consumers, and other individuals to easily identify construction businesses.  This is already required for all home improvement contractors in Pennsylvania. 
My legislation intends the system to be straightforward, uncomplicated, and require only basic and readily available information from the contractor.  However, it will provide an important database for consumer protection and business integrity matters.
Many other states already require some form of contractor identification to do business within their borders, and these requirements work hand-in-hand with labor, business, and consumer protection laws geared toward the construction industry.  The system created by this bill helps guarantee that Pennsylvania’s existing laws are followed and may serve to improve compliance in areas where enforcement has proven difficult.   
I hope that you will join me in co-sponsoring this important measure.