Pennsylvania’s City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) program has proven successful. Yet, to date, its impact has been limited mostly to the larger cities of the Commonwealth.  Smaller cities and towns deserve the same opportunities for economic development, job creation, and revitalization.
My legislation expands eligibility to smaller non-distressed municipalities allowing for up to four new CRIZ zones per year.  Adjustment of CRIZ boundaries and the transfer of parcels in and out of a zone would be permitted. Distressed (Act 47) municipalities would be given the opportunity to create a zone upon meeting standards set by the contracting authority. 
Updating the CRIZ program has the ability to provide opportunities and redevelopment for municipalities and communities across the Commonwealth.  This program has proven its success in the past and by targeting certain changes, we can expand the program to increase its usefulness.  Through CRIZ, municipalities will be able to spur new growth, reviving downtowns and creating jobs for residents in the zone.  Underused or abandoned spaces will be repurposed boosting the economy of the area with increased tax revenues.
Expanding this program provides opportunities for communities and the families that live there.  I hope that you will join me in supporting this important legislation.

Statutes/Laws affected:
Printer's No. 3297: P.L.6, No.2, P.L.246, No.47