In the near future, we plan to introduce legislation amending the Cosmetology Law of 1933 to expand upon the types of individuals qualified to instruct an apprentice in a cosmetology salon. 
Currently in Pennsylvania, in order for an individual to obtain their cosmetology training within a licensed cosmetology salon as they work to fulfill licensure requirements, they must do so under the direction and supervision of a licensed cosmetology teacher. The Cosmetology Law does not permit a licensed cosmetologist with years of experience in the industry to train apprentices and there is currently not a mechanism in place for salons to apply for a waiver of this requirement.
This issue was brought to Rep. Marcell's attention by constituents in her district who have had difficulty becoming an apprentice and finding a salon that is able to fulfill the instructor requirements. Our legislation will provide salons that wish to accept apprentices with additional options by allowing a licensed cosmetologist with at least 10 years of experience to qualify as an instructor.
We invite you to join us in supporting this important legislation to make it easier for our constituents to enter and work in the cosmetology industry.  

Statutes/Laws affected:
Printer's No. 2501: P.L.242, No.86