Pennsylvania is in a mental health crisis. Incidents of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts in adults and children have increased due to the isolation caused by forced business closures and remote learning resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Measures to educate and encourage Pennsylvanians to care for their mental health while meeting the ongoing demand for mental health care providers is imperative in facing this crisis head on.
My legislation would create a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT) credential for the Commonwealth to add crucial resources for mental health care providers. This credential would enhance access to mental health services by increasing employment opportunities for new marriage and family therapists with masters and/or doctorate training that have yet to meet the 3000 hours of clinical supervision required for full licensure as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT).
Presently, 26 states have established this credential to permit LAMFTs to work with individuals, children, couples, and families under the direct supervision of a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist supervisor. Holding this credential assures patients and health care employers that the LAMFT is properly trained and pursuing full licensure while allowing them to engage with patients.
Qualifying additional mental health care providers to meet the growing need will assure Pennsylvanians have access to the care they need. I hope that you will join me in support of this crucial legislation.

Statutes/Laws affected:
Printer's No. 1838: P.L.220, No.39
Printer's No. 2436: P.L.220, No.39
Printer's No. 2568: P.L.220, No.39