Colleges and other post-secondary universities are costing students and graduates more now than ever before. Nearly 48 million student borrowers have accumulated almost $1.75 trillion in student debt in the hopes of furthering their education and careers. Studies have shown this massive debt is stalling our economy and population growth, putting up barriers to homeownership, and delaying family planning for many. Adding to the debt crisis is the rising cost of student fees, which are oftentimes undisclosed or under-reported.  

That is why I am introducing legislation that would require all higher education institutions in Pennsylvania to clearly disclose their student fees. Modeled after a recently enacted law in Oregon, my bill would require schools to post an itemization of student fees on their websites, disclose the purpose of the fees and how the money is spent.  Schools would be required to update this information prior to the beginning of each academic year to allow students to research these fees prior to attending or choosing a particular school.  

By providing this transparency, students and families will be able to make better informed decisions that will affect their financial security for years to come. Please join me in protecting students and promoting financial literacy.