Establishes Oregon Disaster Response Assistance Matching Fund. Provides that moneys in fund may be used to issue grants to local governments to make matching contributions necessary to access federal aid or issue grants to assist or support disaster response efforts.
Requires Legislative Revenue Officer to study granting tax benefit to emergency management volunteers. Directs officer to submit report of findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to revenue not later than September 15, 2024.
Establishes Compliance Division within Oregon Department of Emergency Management to ensure compliance with requirements and regulations relating to moneys received from federal government.
Expands statute allowing certain public bodies to grant paid leave of absence to public employee who volunteers to participate in disaster relief or recovery services in state.
Directs department to provide technical assistance to local entities that are active in emergency preparedness, response or recovery.
Directs department to issue grants for support of community organizations active in disaster in Oregon.
Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Statutes affected:
A-Engrossed: 401.378
B-Engrossed: 401.378
Enrolled: 401.378