Provides that qualifying agency must require as material provision of public improvement contract that contractor establish and implement plan for outreach to and recruitment and retention of women, minority individuals and veterans to perform work under public improvement contract, with aspirational target of having individuals in one or more of these groups perform at least 15 percent of total work hours that workers perform under public improvement contract. Specifies requirements for plan of outreach, recruitment and retention.
Requires contractor to report information concerning contractor's and subcontractors' compliance with provisions of Act to qualifying agency as part of or as supplement to certified statements required for reporting compliance with prevailing wage requirements. Specifies required contents of reports. Requires qualifying agency to report information collected from contractors to Bureau of Labor and Industries and requires bureau to make specified reports to Legislative Assembly.
Provides that qualifying agency may reduce payment due to contractor for failure to comply with requirement to employ apprentices on public improvement project and specifies formula for calculating amount of penalty. Requires qualifying agency to pay to State Treasury to credit of bureau amount equivalent to reduction of payment to contractor.
Increases utilization of apprentices for work on public improvement projects from 12 percent of all work hours performed on the public improvement to 15 percent on January 1, 2027.
Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 279C.533
A-Engrossed: 279C.533
B-Engrossed: 279C.533
Enrolled: 279C.533