Transfers revenue from levy of additional privilege tax under forest products harvest tax to State Forestry Department Account for distribution to Oregon Forest Resources Institute Fund, Oregon Forest Land Protection Fund and Higher Education Coordinating Commission for Oregon State University Extension Service to implement Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan.
Expands board of directors of Oregon Forest Resources Institute to include as voting members one person who represents environmental community and one person who has experience with fishery or wildlife-related science.
Prohibits institute from expending funds for certain advertising or outreach. Requires institute to maintain records of staff interactions with certain individuals, report to Governor on records and make report publicly available.
Instructs State Forestry Department to review and consider factual accuracy of communications and publications produced or recommended by institute. Provides that department may approve or disapprove communications or publications.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 321.017, 526.610, 526.650, 526.600, 526.615