Directs Judicial Department to develop and implement automated system that identifies convictions, arrests, citations, charges and judgments of guilty except for insanity that are eligible to be automatically sealed. Directs department to identify eligible records created prior to February 1, 2025, and send list to presiding judge of judicial district where record was created no later than February 15, 2025. Directs department to, beginning March 1, 2025, and every month thereafter, identify eligible records from previous month and send list to presiding judge of judicial district. Directs presiding judge to enter order sealing records within 30 days of receipt of list.
Directs Oregon Criminal Justice Commission to, beginning no later than February 1, 2026, and each year thereafter, provide report to interim legislative committees related to judiciary concerning convictions that have been automatically sealed during previous year.
Directs court to grant motion to set aside judgment of guilty except for insanity if no objection is received.
Requires criminal history data providers to ensure criminal history reports reflect all material changes from previous 30 days.
Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 137.223, 137.930