Prohibits insurers offering policies or certificates of health insurance and pharmacy benefit managers from requiring claim for reimbursement of prescription drug to include modifier or other indicator that drug is 340B drug.] Requires Oregon Health Authority to adopt dispensing fee to be paid to pharmacies and pharmacists dispensing prescription drugs to medical assistance recipients. Sets minimum dispensing fee at $___.] Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.] Requires Oregon Health Authority, every three years, to conduct survey of retail pharmacies enrolled as providers in state medical assistance program regarding pharmacies' dispensing costs. Requires authority, if adjustments are needed, to request state plan amendment from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to change professional dispensing fee paid to pharmacies participating in state medical assistance program. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 735.530, 735.534, 743A.062, 414.325