Requires Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission to study cannabis. Directs commission to submit findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to judiciary not later than September 15, 2024.] Directs State Department of Agriculture, in consultation with Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, to establish cannabis reference laboratory to support enforcement of cannabis regulation. Includes laboratory licensed by commission in definition of "licensee" for purposes of regulation of adult use cannabis. Prohibits laboratory from holding any other adult use cannabis license issued by commission. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Statutes affected:
A-Engrossed: 475C.005, 475C.009, 475C.017, 475C.021, 475C.025, 475C.037, 475C.045, 475C.053, 475C.061, 475C.157, 475C.177, 475C.225, 475C.249, 475C.261, 475C.265, 475C.273, 475C.285, 475C.473, 475C.477, 475C.485, 475C.509, 475C.517, 475C.544, 475C.548