As Adopted by the Senate
135th General Assembly
Regular Session S. R. No. 377
Senator McColley
Honoring Abby Wilson as a 2024 USTA NTRP Tournament
WHEREAS, The members of the Senate of the 135th General Assembly 1
of Ohio are pleased to congratulate Abby Wilson on winning the 3.0 18 2
and over singles championship at the 2024 United States Tennis 3
Association National Tennis Rating Program Tournament; and 4
WHEREAS, A remarkable individual, Abby Wilson has combined talent 5
and competitive spirit with the highest ideals of good sportsmanship 6
to establish herself as a truly exceptional athlete. With admirable 7
dedication, she has worked diligently toward attaining ultimate 8
proficiency in tennis, and as a result, she won first place in the 18 9
and over singles category of the 3.0 level at this year’s United 10
States Tennis Association National Tennis Rating Program Tournament; 11
and 12
WHEREAS, Abby Wilson’s accomplishments and leadership, both in and 13
out of competition, are a justifiable source of pride and a fine 14
reflection not only on her but also on her family and her community. 15
Her unwavering commitment to excellence has earned her the respect and 16
esteem of many, and she is certainly worthy of high praise; and 17
WHEREAS, With athletic competition playing such an important role 18
in the development of role models for our young people, we are 19
extremely pleased to pay tribute to Abby Wilson on her recent 20
achievement. Indeed, the same responsibility and experience she has 21
gained through her participation in tennis will greatly aid her in 22
meeting the challenges of the future; therefore be it 23
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the Senate of the 135th General 24
Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, commend Abby Wilson on 25
S. R. No. 377 Page 2
As Adopted by the Senate
her 2024 USTA NTRP Tournament Championship and extend best wishes for 26
continued success; and be it further 27
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit a duly 28
authenticated copy of this Resolution to Abby Wilson. 29