As Adopted by the House
135th General Assembly
Regular Session H. R. No. 474
Representative Russo
Honoring Lyle Yost
as a 2024 NCAA Division I Champion in diving.
WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the 135th 1
General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to recognize Lyle Yost on placing 2
first at the 2024 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I 3
Championship meet in the 1-meter dive; and 4
WHEREAS, Lyle Yost is deserving of this prestigious title, a 5
tribute to the remarkable athletic gifts and indomitable spirit that 6
he has so amply displayed as a member of The Ohio State University 7
men’s swimming and diving team. A two-time NCAA champion in the 1- 8
meter dive, he can always be counted on to shine, and understandably, 9
the strength, agility, and skill that he has exhibited have earned him 10
many admirers; and 11
WHEREAS, Lyle Yost has conscientiously applied himself to the 12
quest for excellence as an athlete. Time and again, he has risen to 13
the occasion, maintaining his morale, composure, and good 14
sportsmanship, and he has gained the respect of even his most 15
determined rivals. Clearly, his enthusiastic involvement in diving has 16
enabled him to learn much about dedication, self-discipline, and 17
leadership, and in the process, his exceptional prowess has set a fine 18
example that is sure to inspire future generations of Buckeyes; and 19
WHEREAS, Diving is a demanding sport that requires exceptional 20
focus, stamina, and natural ability, and Lyle Yost is to be commended 21
for his exemplary performance at this year’s NCAA Division I 22
Championship meet, where he secured his title with a score of 433.55 23
as well as All-American first-team honors. Throughout extensive 24
practice and preparation, he has developed into a dynamic competitor, 25
and it is our hope that he will take the lessons learned from these 26
H. R. No. 474 Page 2
As Adopted by the House
triumphs and apply them well as he pursues his goals in the years 27
ahead; therefore be it 28
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of 29
the 135th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, 30
applaud Lyle Yost on his tremendous athletic attainment and commend 31
him on an outstanding season; and be it further 32
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit 33
a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to Lyle Yost. 34