As Adopted by the House
135th General Assembly
Regular Session H. R. No. 427
Representative Klopfenstein
Honoring Abe DeLano
as a Division III State Champion in wrestling.
WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the 135th 1
General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to honor Abe DeLano, a senior at 2
Ayersville High School, on winning the Division III State Championship 3
in the 215-pound weight class; and 4
WHEREAS, Abe DeLano’s outstanding ability and spirited drive, as 5
well as his quickness and tenacity, have distinguished him as a 6
superior athlete, and during the season, he has gained the admiration 7
and respect of all those who have witnessed him in action. His 8
tremendous efforts were readily reflected in his fantastic performance 9
throughout the Division III State Tournament, where he won his second 10
straight championship; and 11
WHEREAS, Few sports embody the spirit of individual accomplishment 12
more than wrestling. Athletes such as Abe DeLano exemplify the 13
qualities necessary for excellence in any sport, including discipline, 14
agility, conditioning, and focus. Indeed, throughout long hours of 15
practice and competition, he has consistently demonstrated the talent 16
and motivation that are the hallmarks of a true champion; and 17
WHEREAS, In an educational system that seeks to teach the future 18
leaders of our state and nation the fundamentals of self-reliance and 19
the rewards of individual effort, high school athletic competition has 20
become a valuable tool. Through his participation in sports, Abe 21
DeLano has learned lessons of perseverance, hard work, and fair and 22
honest competition that will undoubtedly be of great benefit to him 23
throughout his lifetime; therefore be it 24
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of 25
H. R. No. 427 Page 2
As Adopted by the House
the 135th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, 26
congratulate Abe DeLano on his outstanding performance in state 27
competition and extend best wishes for continued success; and be it 28
further 29
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit 30
a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to Abe DeLano. 31