As Adopted by the House
135th General Assembly
Regular Session H. R. No. 365
Representative Russo
Honoring The Ohio State University spirit team
on securing the 2024 UCA and UDA Spirit Program National Championship.
WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the 135th 1
General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to pay tribute to The Ohio State 2
University spirit team as the 2024 Universal Cheerleaders Association 3
and Universal Dance Association Spirit Program National Champion; and 4
WHEREAS, The Ohio State University spirit team has proven to be a 5
talented and superbly conditioned squad and has gained the respect of 6
fans and opponents alike for the enthusiastic and highly motivated 7
performance of its members. Throughout the season, the athletes worked 8
diligently to improve their skills, and as a result, the Buckeyes 9
accomplished their goals, bringing home national championships this 10
year in the Division IA game day category with a score of 98.45 and 11
jazz category with a score of 98.92; and 12
WHEREAS, Known as a driven and determined team, the OSU Buckeyes 13
have developed into a remarkably efficient group of cheerleaders and 14
dancers whose skill is equaled only by their exemplary display of 15
teamwork. They are a credit not only to their families and their 16
university but also to the superb leadership of their coaches, Ben 17
Schreiber and Melissa McGhee; and 18
WHEREAS, The road to victory is a difficult one, requiring 19
ability, endurance, and a positive attitude on the part of members and 20
coaches alike. All those involved with The Ohio State University 21
spirit team have exemplified all of the characteristics that are 22
essential for success both in and out of competition, including 23
courage, discipline, integrity, and good sportsmanship, and their 24
efforts have earned them the admiration of all those who have 25
witnessed these outstanding athletes in action; therefore be it 26
H. R. No. 365 Page 2
As Adopted by the House
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of 27
the 135th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, 28
congratulate The Ohio State University spirit team for outstanding 29
attainment and extend best wishes for the years to come; and be it 30
further 31
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit 32
a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to The Ohio State 33
University spirit team. 34