As Adopted by the Senate
135th General Assembly
Regular Session S. R. No. 266
Senator Hackett
Honoring High Street United Methodist Church on its One
Hundred Seventy-fifth Anniversary.
WHEREAS, The members of the Senate of the 135th General Assembly 1
of Ohio are pleased to extend special recognition to High Street 2
United Methodist Church on the memorable occasion of its One Hundred 3
Seventy-fifth Anniversary; and 4
WHEREAS, Since 1849, High Street United Methodist Church has 5
served as a tremendous source of spiritual inspiration for its 6
congregation. A longstanding presence in Springfield, this dynamic 7
house of worship has been operating in its current building since 8
1904, and it has encouraged countless people to pursue lives of 9
service, learning, and fellowship; and 10
WHEREAS, This auspicious celebration offers the members of High 11
Street United Methodist Church the opportunity to share their memories 12
and to reflect on the benefits of life in their close-knit community. 13
Under the guidance of its leaders, both past and present, the 14
parishioners have expanded on the best traditions of the past to 15
ensure a benevolent and prosperous future, and they can be proud of 16
the remarkable examples they have set through their values and 17
principles; and 18
WHEREAS, The members of High Street United Methodist Church have 19
stood strong in the face of numerous challenges, and they have had a 20
positive impact on the lives of many local residents. Indeed, this 21
important milestone represents their dedication and commitment to keep 22
the conviction of hope alive, and all those associated with this 23
beacon of society are deserving of praise; therefore be it 24
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the Senate of the 135th General 25
S. R. No. 266 Page 2
As Adopted by the Senate
Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, applaud High Street 26
United Methodist Church on its One Hundred Seventy-fifth Anniversary 27
and offer best wishes as it upholds its rich legacy of faith and 28
fellowship in the years to come; and be it further 29
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit a duly 30
authenticated copy of this Resolution to High Street United Methodist 31
Church. 32