As Offered
135th General Assembly
Regular Session H. R. No. 123
Representative White
Recognizing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Ohio
April 23-29, 2023.
WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the 135th 1
General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to acknowledge April 23-29, 2023, 2
as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Ohio; and 3
WHEREAS, Every person deserves to feel safe in their home, 4
school, workplace, and community. Yet each year, millions of Americans 5
from all socioeconomic backgrounds fall victim to acts of violence, 6
theft, fraud, and other crimes. Indeed, such events often leave 7
significant long-lasting physical, psychological, and economic 8
repercussions, not only for victims and their families but also for 9
society as a whole; and 10
WHEREAS, In an effort to recognize and validate the impact of 11
crime as well as to endorse the establishment of meaningful 12
enforceable rights and resources and to pay tribute to crime victims 13
and those who assist them, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week was 14
first designated by the U.S. Congress in April of 1984, and on 15
April 21, 2023, it was proclaimed by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 16
Over the years, this cause has continued to make slow but steady 17
progress, gaining widespread support from leaders of all political 18
affiliation; and 19
WHEREAS, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Ohio provides a 20
unique opportunity for all Ohioans to recommit to the work of 21
preventing crime, supporting victims as they heal, and holding 22
offenders accountable. Clearly, we must continue to strive to ensure 23
that all those impacted, both directly and indirectly, are treated 24
with dignity and respect, provided access to support and services, and 25
have the ability to protect and seek enforcement of their rights; 26
H. R. No. 123 Page 2
As Offered
therefore be it 27
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of 28
the 135th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, 29
recognize April 23-29, 2023, as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in 30
Ohio and urge all citizens to familiarize themselves with this 31
important issue; and be it further 32
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit 33
duly authenticated copies of this Resolution to the news media of 34
Ohio. 35