As Introduced
134th General Assembly
Regular Session S. R. No. 420
Senator Yuko
Honoring the Euclid Fire Department on its One Hundredth
WHEREAS, The members of the Senate of the 134th General Assembly 1
of Ohio are pleased to commend the Euclid Fire Department on the One 2
Hundredth Anniversary of its founding; and 3
WHEREAS, Recognition of this prestigious milestone is a fitting 4
tribute to the Euclid Fire Department, for over the past century, this 5
fine agency has attained a praiseworthy record of service to local 6
residents and businesses. Founded in 1922, it has grown over the years 7
to include full-time firefighters and emergency medical services, and 8
it provides coverage to the City of Euclid. Indeed, the department’s 9
achievements are a justifiable source of pride and a fine reflection 10
not only on the organization itself but also on its chief, Christopher 11
L. Haddock, on his predecessors, on its dedicated members, and on the 12
community it serves; and 13
WHEREAS, While many people are content to take a passive role in 14
life, the members of the Euclid Fire Department have risked their own 15
safety to ensure the well-being of their fellow citizens, and the 16
enthusiasm and devotion to duty they have shown in all of their 17
endeavors have earned them the gratitude and respect of the citizens 18
they have safeguarded. We are certain that as they maintain their 19
unwavering commitment to service, these individuals will continue in 20
the tradition of excellence that has long been EFD’s hallmark; and 21
WHEREAS, We are delighted to honor the many members of the Euclid 22
Fire Department, for they have proven themselves to be conscientious, 23
valiant Ohioans, and considering the bravery, commitment, and 24
self-sacrifice of these heroes, it is no surprise that the department 25
inspires such trust and confidence. Their noteworthy accomplishments 26
S. R. No. 420 Page 2
As Introduced
demonstrate the potential of individuals to have a positive effect on 27
the quality of life in our society; therefore be it 28
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the Senate of the 134th General 29
Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, congratulate the Euclid 30
Fire Department on the auspicious occasion of its One Hundredth 31
Anniversary and extend best wishes for continued prosperity; and be it 32
further 33
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit a duly 34
authenticated copy of this Resolution to the Euclid Fire Department. 35