As Offered
134th General Assembly
Regular Session H. R. No. 320
Representative Powell
Honoring the Troy Country Club
on its Centennial.
WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of the 134th 1
General Assembly of Ohio are pleased to congratulate the Troy Country 2
Club on the auspicious occasion of its One Hundredth Anniversary, 3
celebrated June 24, 2022; and 4
WHEREAS, Recognition of this prestigious milestone is a fitting 5
tribute to the Troy Country Club, for it has attained a remarkable 6
record of service to golf enthusiasts from across Ohio. The club was 7
created by a group of founders in 1922, and its accomplishments 8
throughout the past century are a justifiable source of pride and an 9
outstanding reflection not only on the organization itself but also on 10
its membership, on its hard-working trustees, management, and 11
employees, and on the Troy community; and 12
WHEREAS, Designed by Tom Bendelow in 1922, the Troy Country Club 13
golf course has become well-known throughout the state for its 14
challenging eighteen-hole course and unparalleled amenities. Indeed, 15
it is certainly worthy of commendation for enhancing the quality of 16
life within the surrounding area; and 17
WHEREAS, Over the years, the Troy Country Club’s tremendous 18
contributions have earned it the appreciation and respect of local 19
residents and visitors alike. We are certain that as this noteworthy 20
organization maintains its unfaltering dedication to service and 21
achievement, it will continue in the tradition of excellence that has 22
long been its hallmark; therefore be it 23
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the House of Representatives of 24
the 134th General Assembly of Ohio, in adopting this Resolution, 25
H. R. No. 320 Page 2
As Offered
applaud the Troy Country Club on the One Hundredth Anniversary of its 26
founding and salute it as a fine endeavor; and be it further 27
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit 28
a duly authenticated copy of this Resolution to the Troy Country Club. 29