As Introduced
134th General Assembly
Regular Session S. C. R. No. 8
Senators Hottinger, Romanchuk
Cosponsors: Senators Antonio, Cirino, Craig, Fedor, Schaffer, Yuko
To promote the induction of Dick Schafrath into the Pro 1
Football Hall of Fame. 2
WHEREAS, The members of the 134th General Assembly of the 3
State of Ohio are pleased to support the induction of Dick 4
Schafrath into the Pro Football Hall of Fame; and 5
WHEREAS, Dick Schafrath was, indeed, deserving of induction 6
into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, for it would be a fitting 7
tribute to him for his numerous accomplishments in the sport of 8
American football. He was an offensive lineman with the 9
Cleveland Browns for thirteen seasons from 1959 to 1971, and, 10
throughout this time, the team never had a losing season, 11
compiling a record of 59-23-2, winning five conference or 12
division titles, and winning a national championship. During his 13
career, Dick Schafrath blocked for such Pro Football Hall of 14
Fame running backs as Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell, and Leroy 15
Kelly, and he was named a National Football League All-Pro for 16
four years; and 17
WHEREAS, Dick Schafrath was a remarkable individual, for he 18
successfully combined talent and competitive spirit with the 19
S. C. R. No. 8 Page 2
As Introduced
highest ideals of good sportsmanship to become a truly 20
exceptional athlete. He is certainly deserving of high praise; 21
and 22
WHEREAS, Dick Schafrath's record of personal and 23
professional achievement stands as a hallmark worthy of 24
emulation, and he inspired countless individuals to excel in 25
numerous areas of endeavor. With or without national acclaim, 26
his accomplishments and leadership are a justifiable source of 27
pride for his family, his community, and the Cleveland Browns; 28
now therefore be it 29
RESOLVED, That we, the members of the 134th General 30
Assembly of the State of Ohio, in adopting this resolution, 31
salute the memory of Dick Schafrath and encourage the selection 32
committee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to acknowledge his 33
merits by inducting him; and be it further 34
RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit duly 35
authenticated copies of this resolution to the family of Dick 36
Schafrath, to the selection committee of the Pro Football Hall 37
of Fame, and to the news media of Ohio. 38