An act in relation to authorizing the lease of certain lands for the
Albany NanoTech Complex
Authorizes the State University of New York at Albany to lease certain
lands to the Fuller Road Management Corporation for purposes of the
Albany NanoTech Complex.
Section one declares the legislative findings.
Section two authorizes the state University Trustees to lease a portion
of the lands of the university with the purpose of developing,
constructing, maintaining, and operating multipurpose facilities to
support the Albany NanoTech Complex.
Section three declares that any contract or lease to this act shall be
deemed to be a state contract.
Section four declares that all work performed under this act shall apply
to article 8 of the labor law and paragraph e of subdivision 5 of
section 220 of the labor law as a contract of the state.
Section five declares that all the functions and services shall be
performed by state employees pursuant to the civil service law and shall
not result in displacement or loss of position.
Section six defines 'project' and 'project labor agreement' for the
purposes of this act.
Section seven declares that any rights or benefits of employees of the
State University of New York should not be waived or impaired.
Section eight declares that the Fuller Road Management Corporation shall
require for a project to enter into a project labor agreement and shall
be subject to competitive bidding laws.
Section nine declares the lack of specific terms and conditions of these
contracts recognizing Fuller Road Management Corporation leeway on the
activities that can be implemented.
Section ten declares an indemnity provision and the lessee or sublessee
promises to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the lessor against a
comprehensive list of risks.
Section eleven declares that any contracts entered into pursuant to this
act shall be awarded by a competitive process.
Section twelve defines the property authorized to be leased to Fuller
Road Management Corporation.
Section thirteen declares that the State University of New York shall
not lease land under this act unless such lease shall be executed within
5 years of the effective date.
Section fourteen declares that the provisions of this act shall be
controlled. in case of inconsistency with the provisions of any law.
Section fifteen sets the effective date.
The State University of New York at Albany ("UAlbany") seeks to use
approximately 25.522 acres of underutilized land on UAlbany's campus for
the purpose of the development of a new, world-class cleanroom facili-
ties and academic and office space at the Albany NanoTech Complex.
Semiconductors are the single most important resource of the 21st centu-
ry global economy and this project is instrumental to cementing New
York's' leadership in this critical industry. The Federal government
recognizes the singular importance of semiconductors to our national and
economic security and is investing $52 billion to re-shore this industry
in the US with $11 billion of this investment dedicated to supporting
R&D programs, including the National Semiconductor Technology Center
(NSTC) and National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP).
New York's global leadership in the semiconductor space is already
anticipated to bring tens of thousands of jobs across the state - Micron
(CNY), GlobalFoundries (CR), and Edward Vacuum (WNY) projects - and this
project would set the stage for exponential growth in this cutting-edge
sector. This project is critical to strengthening New York's position
for billions of dollars in NSTC funding and securing a Federal prototyp-
ing center. It will help to ensure that more of those investments - and
the thousands of jobs and opportunities they'll bring - will come to
.New York.
The 25.22-acre parcel of land is located between Washington Avenue and
Highway Interstate 87. It is currently undeveloped or being used as a
parking lot.
This act shall take effect immediately.