Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state education, labor, housing and family assistance budget for the 2021-2022 state fiscal year; relates to school contracts for excellence; apportions public moneys to school districts employing eight or more teachers; relates to pandemic adjustment payment reduction; relates to aidable transportation expense; relates to the statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program; apportions moneys; relates to reimbursement for a work force education program by the consortium for worker education in New York City for the 2021-2022 school year and withholding a portion of employment preparation education aid; relates to the effectiveness of conditional appointment of school district, charter school or BOCES employees; relates to the effectiveness of the provision of supplemental educational services, attendance at a safe public school and the suspension of pupils who bring a firearm to or possess a firearm at a school; relates to the effectiveness of the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; relates to extending apportionments of public moneys to certain school districts employing eight or more teachers; extends provisions relating to apportionments to the Roosevelt union free school district; extends the effectiveness of provisions of law related to pre-kindergarten staff qualification guidelines; relates to school bus driver training; relates to special apportionment for salary expenses and public pension accruals; authorizes the city school district of the city of Rochester to purchase certain services; relates to suballocations of appropriations; relates to the support of public libraries; relates to the New York state mentor teacher-internship program, the teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and retention program, and the national board for professional teaching standards certification grant (Part A); relates to foundation aid for schools; creates a task force on education funding and property tax reform; relates to building aid, transportation contracts, tuition rates and school district unexpended surplus funds; relates to supplemental educational improvement grants; relates to the transfer of reserve funds for expenses related to COVID-19, financing of charter schools and culturally responsive-sustaining education; apportions monies to non-public schools for certain purposes (Part A-1); relates to requirements for firms established for the business of engaging in the practice of public accountancy (Part B); authorizes the state university of New York to purchase services from a consortium (Part D); relates to approval of tuition rates for SUNY and CUNY schools; permits a distance learning rate and a high demand certificate program rate; extends the NY-SUNY 2020 challenge grant program (Part E); extends scholarship program eligibility for certain recipients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Part F); makes permanent the consolidation of the youth development and delinquency prevention program and the special delinquency prevention program (Part J); relates to the effectiveness of the authorization of boards of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with the commissioner of children and family services to provide certain services (Part K); relates to compliance with the federal Family First Prevention Services Act (Part L); utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes, including for the purpose of reimbursing any costs associated with neighborhood preservation program contracts, rural preservation program contracts, homeless housing and preventative services programs and other expenditures related to housing (Part O); increases the standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons receiving certain care (Part P); provides for a tax check-off for gifts to food banks (Part Q); exempts certain projects from sales and compensating use taxes (Part U); relates to the transfer of unclaimed support collections and unidentified payments (Part V); relates to powers and duties of the state of New York mortgage agency (Part X); relates to affordability of child care for low-income families (Subpart A); eases certain administrative burdens on child care programs (Subpart B) (Part Z); provides for requirements for construction work and engineering and consulting services performed in connection with the installation of certain renewable energy systems (Part AA); prohibits the inclusion of claims for unemployment insurance arising from the closure of an employer due to COVID-19 from being included in such employer's experience rating charges; prohibits the inclusion of claims for unemployment insurance arising from the closure of an employer due to COVID-19 from being included in such employer's experience rating charges (Part CC); establishes the COVID-19 emergency rental assistance program of 2021 (Part DD); establishes the housing voucher program (Part EE); relates to 5 year capital plans for critical maintenance needs for SUNY and CUNY (Part FF); relates to state appropriations to the state university of New York and the city university of New York; clarifies that the SUNY health science centers are included in the maintenance of effort provisions (Part GG); provides a program fee option for graduate students (Part HH); provides special programs for the screening, testing, counseling, and tutoring of, and assistance to residents of the state to assure diversity in medicine opportunity at schools of medicine of the state university of New York and the city university of New York (Part II); enhances supports and services for students with disabilities for postsecondary success starting in the 2021-2022 school year; appropriates funds proportionally for each student with a disability enrolled in an institution of higher education (Part JJ); relates to the supervision of the manufacturing and repacking of certain medical gases or wholesaling of respiratory therapy agents (Part KK); increases the minimum tuition assistance program award; increases the tuition assistance program award threshold; requires certain appropriations for the state university and city university of New York and the city (Part LL); establishes the excluded workers fund to provide payments to workers who suffered a loss of work-related earnings or a major source of household income during a state of emergency declared by the governor and who are otherwise ineligible for unemployment insurance (Part MM); modifies certain powers of social services officials to receive and dispose of a deed, mortgage or lien (Part NN); relates to building projects of the third phase of the Syracuse cooperative school reconstruction act; requires a report on the fiscal and pedagogical results of the projects undertaken to the city of Syracuse, the city school district, the governor, and other government officials; provides for the computation of building aid for the reconstruction or modernizing of no more than three projects for the third phase of the city of Syracuse cooperative school reconstruction act (Part OO); amends the city of Rochester and the board of education of the city school district of the city of Rochester school facilities modernization program act by granting further authority to the RJSCB to modernize educational facilities in the city of Rochester; relates to building aid for certain educational facilities in the city of Rochester (Part PP).

Statutes affected:
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