The Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC) is located in Las Vegas. In 1996, this facility became operational to house incarcerated women. The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) owned and operated the facility until purchased by the State of Nevada in October 2001. Effective October 1, 2004, the Nevada Department of Corrections took possession of the facility, eliminating the need to contract with the CCA. Formerly known as the Southern Nevada Women's Correctional Center, the facility was renamed in 2007 in honor of Florence McClure and her contributions to improving conditions for incarcerated women. FMWCC houses all custody levels of female inmates in Nevada. The facility's capacity increased in 2008 with the addition of a 240-bed dorm and in 2009 with a 300-bed addition to the main facility. FMWCC has several various religious programs available to all inmates. Clark County School District offers high school diplomas as well as Hi Set certificates. FMWCC has a substance abuse therapeutic community that offers long term substance abuse treatment. It also offers mental health treatment programs, a re-entry program that prepares inmates for the reintegration into society, and the Pups on Parole Program that trains inmates to be certified dog handlers. In addition, FMWCC offers the New Path Cosmetology program that is designed to master the art and sciences of the cosmetology industry resulting in their Cosmetology license. Statutory Authority: NRS 209.