Existing law authorizes the Governor, within the limits of available money, to employ such persons as the Governor deems necessary to provide staff for the Office of the Governor and requires the Governor to adopt certain rules and policies and determine the salaries and benefits of those employees. (NRS 223.085) Section 1 of this bill provides the Nevada Supreme Court with the same authority with respect to employees of the Judicial Department of the State Government. Sections 7-12 of this bill make conforming changes related to this authority. Section 13 of this bill requires the Nevada Supreme Court to submit quarterly reports to the Interim Finance Committee during the 2023-2025 biennium regarding any changes in salaries for existing positions and the salaries for any new positions.

Statutes affected:
As Introduced: 176.059, 353.359, 2.185
Reprint 1: 1.340, 2.230, 2.240, 2.295, 2.310, 2.430
As Enrolled: 1.340, 2.230, 2.240, 2.295, 2.310, 2.430
BDR: 176.059, 353.359, 2.185