Existing law creates the Office of Minority Health and Equity within the Department of Health and Human Services to: (1) improve the quality of health care services for members of minority groups; (2) increase access to health care services for members of minority groups; (3) disseminate information to and educate the public on matters concerning health care issues of interest to members of minority groups; and (4) develop recommendations for changes in policy and advocate on behalf of minority groups on certain issues. (NRS 232.474) Section 6 of this bill creates within the Office the Environmental Justice Advisory Council, which consists of nine members who must be selected by the Governor from a list of persons submitted by the Office. Section 7 of this bill sets forth the duties of the Council, which include providing advice to the Legislature and the Division of Environmental Protection of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and, upon request, the Governor or any other state agency, on matters relating to environmental justice. Section 7 also requires the Council to submit a biennial report to the Legislature describing the work of the Council during the biennium and any recommendations for legislation. Section 7.3 of this bill authorizes the Council to establish, by regulation, a program to award grants of money to eligible entities for projects which: (1) maximize climate health, public health and environmental, workforce and economic benefits; and (2) prioritize disadvantaged communities in this State. Sections 4-5 of this bill define certain terms relating to the Council.

Statutes affected:
As Introduced: 233B.030, 233B.0603, 233B.066, 233B.0665, 233B.067
BDR: 233B.030, 233B.0603, 233B.066, 233B.0665, 233B.067