This bill requires the labor commissioner to collaborate with the department of business and economic affairs to create and distribute a poster detailing veterans' benefits and services, which employers must then display in a location accessible to all employees. The poster is to include a range of information relevant to veterans, such as contact details for the New Hampshire department of military affairs and veterans services, substance abuse and mental health treatment resources, educational and training resources, tax benefit information, details on how to obtain a veteran's indicator on state identification, unemployment insurance eligibility, legal services resources, and contact information for the Veterans Crisis Line.

The fiscal note attached to the bill indicates that there is no significant financial impact expected at the state, county, or municipal level. The Department of Labor does not foresee any material impact on the administration of protective legislation. There may be minimal additional civil penalties collected from employers who fail to comply with the law, but this is expected to be minimal and difficult to quantify. The cost of producing and distributing the posters is anticipated to be minimal as well. The bill is set to take effect 60 days after its passage, and any fiscal impact is assumed to occur after FY 2024. The bill does not provide funding for estimated expenditures nor does it authorize new positions for its implementation.