This bill proposes the reorganization of statutory authority for various chapters related to railroads, transportation, and telecommunications from the public utilities title to the appropriate departments. It includes the transfer of specific RSA chapters concerning the formation and operation of railroad corporations, railroad trustees, laying out of railroads, and other related matters to Title XX, with new renumbering for each chapter. Additionally, the bill transfers the chapter on railroad police to Title VII, renumbered as RSA 106-N, and a chapter on motor carriers of passengers to Title XXI, renumbered as RSA 266-A.

The bill also amends certain references to reflect these changes, such as the maximum occupancy time of a grade crossing and the establishment of rates for joint service. Furthermore, it introduces a new subdivision under the Governor's Commission on Disability for the Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program, which includes definitions, administration, duties, cooperation, rulemaking, funding, and an annual report. The program is designed to assist qualified persons with disabilities in accessing telephone services through telecommunications equipment. The bill repeals RSA 362-E, which previously related to the telecommunications assistance program, and sets the effective date of the act as July 1, 2024.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 21-L:12-a, 21-P:14, 228:62-a
Version adopted by both bodies: 21-L:12-a, 21-P:14, 228:62-a
CHAPTERED FINAL VERSION: 21-L:12-a, 21-P:14, 228:62-a