This bill changes the due date for reviewing and updating memorandums of understanding (MOUs) between chartered public schools and school districts. Currently, the review and update must be done before the start of each school year. The bill proposes changing the due date to November 1. The purpose of the review and update is to ensure compliance with state and federal law and responsibilities to provide services in accordance with individualized education plans.

The fiscal impact of this bill is indeterminable. The Department of Education states that changing the due date for the MOUs could make it difficult for school districts to budget expenditures appropriately, as local school district budgets are completed prior to November 1 in the previous school year. Additionally, if the MOUs are not completed until after the school year starts, districts may struggle to find service providers and funding to pay for them. This could potentially increase costs for districts as they may need to contract with other providers to meet student needs. The impact on local school district expenditures is uncertain.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 194-B:5