This bill requires the University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of New Hampshire to collaborate on implementing the strategies identified in the report of the public higher education task force, as established by Executive Order 2023-06. The strategies aim to meet the projected demands for higher education in New Hampshire. The bill mandates the development and implementation of system-wide higher education alignment strategies to increase education attainment levels, improve accessibility for students, minimize duplication of academic programs, create economies of scale, enhance regional growth, streamline administrative costs, and continue collaborative work on curricular pathways for credit transfer across institutions.

The bill also encourages the boards of trustees of both systems to develop and implement pilot projects to align administrative functions, with oversight from the public higher education study committee. The chancellors of both systems are required to submit joint quarterly progress reports to the committee starting June 30, 2024, and an annual report to various stakeholders beginning November 1, 2024. The bill includes no insertions or deletions of legal language, as it appears to be a new section being added to the existing law. The act will take effect upon its passage.