HB 1465-FN is a legislative bill that aims to enhance the coordination and oversight of nuclear energy and offshore wind industry initiatives in New Hampshire. The bill assigns the Department of Energy the responsibility to oversee studies on nuclear energy uses, including advanced nuclear reactors, and wind energy. It also changes the name of the office of offshore wind industry development to the office of offshore wind industry development and energy innovation, reflecting its broader role. The bill amends RSA 162-B:1 and 2 to endorse the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and its amendments, updating the language to be more inclusive and replacing "regulations" with "administrative rules." It also repeals and reenacts RSA 162-B:3 to outline the duties of the coordinator of nuclear development and regulatory activities, who will consult with state departments and agencies to assess and recommend changes in laws and rules related to nuclear materials and facilities.

The coordinator of nuclear development and regulatory activities is tasked with examining the costs and benefits of nuclear developments and their impact on various aspects of the state's energy landscape. A public report is to be published every three years, with the first due by December 1, 2025. The bill defines "advanced nuclear reactor" in accordance with federal law and appropriates the Renewable Energy Fund to support renewable energy initiatives, including offshore wind. The commission on offshore wind and port development will receive support from the newly named Office of Offshore Wind Industry Development and Energy Innovation. The bill does not appear to have any fiscal impact on state, county, or local expenditures or revenue, as confirmed by the Office of Legislative Budget Assistant. The bill is set to take effect upon its passage, and no specific insertions or deletions are marked in the provided text.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 162-B:1, 162-B:3, 162-B:4, 162-B:6
As Amended by the House: 162-B:1, 162-B:3, 162-B:6, 12-O:51-a, 12-P:7-b, 362-F:10, 374-F:10
As Amended by the Senate: 162-B:1, 162-B:3, 162-B:6, 12-O:51-a, 362-F:10, 374-F:10