This bill proposes the establishment of a commission to study the delivery of behavioral crisis services to individuals with mental illness primarily caused by intellectual disability. The commission will be composed of members from the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Department of Health and Human Services, a community mental health center, a disability care area agency, a disability rights organization, and a family member caring for an individual with mental illness primarily caused by an intellectual disability. The commission is tasked with studying service delivery gaps, creating a plan for legislative and regulatory changes, and assessing the need for an acute crisis center in New Hampshire. The commission is required to report its findings and recommendations by November 1, 2024.

The bill includes the insertion of a new section, RSA 135-C:69, into the current law to establish the commission and outlines its membership, duties, and reporting requirements. It also specifies the repeal of RSA 135-C:69 on November 1, 2024, and states that the remainder of the act shall take effect upon its passage. Legislative members of the commission will receive mileage at the legislative rate for attending commission duties, and a quorum for the commission is set at six members. The first meeting of the commission must be held within 30 days of the act's effective date.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 135-C:2, 135-C:3
As Amended by the House: 135-C:2, 135-C:3
As Amended by the Senate: 135-C:69
Version adopted by both bodies: 135-C:69