The bill mandates the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to include the control of cyanobacteria blooms as part of the New Hampshire Clean Lakes Program. The program is designed to preserve and restore the state's lakes and ponds, and with the new amendment, it will now also focus on monitoring, managing, and reducing the risk of cyanobacteria blooms. The bill introduces new language to RSA 487:17, specifying that the program should provide remedial actions to maintain water quality for public recreation and enjoyment, explicitly including the control of cyanobacteria blooms.

The bill also directs the department to reduce, control, and prevent nutrient inputs that cause cyanobacteria blooms, potentially using chemical or physical in-lake treatments. It outlines criteria for these treatments and requires consultation with the fish and game department. Additionally, the bill amends RSA 487:24 to include a new paragraph regarding the issuance of permits for in-lake management projects aimed at preventing or remediating cyanobacteria blooms. The act will take effect 60 days after its passage.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 487:17
As Amended by the House: 487:17, 487:24
Version adopted by both bodies: 487:17, 487:24