This bill establishes standards for sexual education instruction in New Hampshire. It requires the state board of education and every local school board to adopt standards for human sexual education for all K-12 sexual education instruction. The instruction must be evidence-based and medically accurate. It covers topics such as self-respect, personal hygiene, abstinence, contraception, HIV/AIDS and prevention, healthy relationships, and anatomy and physiology. The bill also requires parental consent for sexual education instruction and mandates that curriculum materials be made available to parents and legal guardians. It prohibits the inclusion of instruction or materials on gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other lifestyle. The bill also specifies that sexual education must be taught by a registered nurse and cannot be taught or included in any other academic subject instruction or curriculum.

This bill appears to be related to disciplinary action for violations in the field of nursing. The bill mentions that there could be an increase in state expenditures as a result of violations, which would require disciplinary action by the state licensing board, presumed to be the Board of Nursing. The bill does not provide specific details about the violations or the disciplinary actions that would be taken. The Department of Education has been contacted regarding this bill.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 186:11