LB328 LB328
2023 2023
Introduced by Raybould, 28.
Read first time January 11, 2023
Committee: Judiciary
1 A BILL FOR AN ACT relating to missing and murdered indigenous persons; to
2 create the Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous
3 Persons.
4 Be it enacted by the people of the State of Nebraska,
LB328 LB328
2023 2023
1 Section 1. (1) The Attorney General shall establish the Office of
2 Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons. The Attorney General
3 shall staff the office with a full-time specialist, who shall serve as
4 the liaison among local, state, tribal, and federal entities involved in
5 reporting or investigating missing and murdered indigenous persons cases
6 in Nebraska.
7 (2) The Attorney General and the Commission on Indian Affairs shall
8 partner in the hiring and selection of the specialist, giving preference
9 to applicants of indigenous descent.
10 (3) The duties of the specialist shall include, but not be limited
11 to:
12 (a) Identifying, collecting, and directing resources and information
13 to aid in combating the prevalence of missing and murdered indigenous
14 persons in Nebraska;
15 (b) Synthesizing information regarding missing and murdered
16 indigenous persons from state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement
17 entities involved in such cases; aiding in communication among such
18 entities; and reporting information to tribes, communities, the media,
19 and the public as appropriate to aid in locating missing and murdered
20 indigenous persons; and
21 (c) Consulting and coordinating with the Commission on Indian
22 Affairs regularly in the course of the specialist's duties.
23 (4) The Attorney General shall:
24 (a) Pursue any available federal funding for the office; and
25 (b) Provide legal guidance and coordinate the functions of the
26 office with the United States Attorney's Office, the United States
27 Department of Justice, state law enforcement agencies, and tribal law
28 enforcement agencies.
29 (5) It is the intent of the Legislature to appropriate money from
30 the General Fund to the Attorney General for the salary, travel, and
31 operating expenses necessary for the specialist to carry out the duties
LB328 LB328
2023 2023
1 described in subsection (3) of this section.