Legislative Assembly SENATE BILL NO. 2193
of North Dakota
Introduced by
Senators Paulson, K. Roers, Wanzek
Representatives Nathe, Steiner, Weisz
1 A BILL for an Act to amend and reenact section 39-22-14 of the North Dakota Century Code,
2 relating to motor vehicle dealer licenses; and to provide a penalty.
4 SECTION 1. AMENDMENT. Section 39-22-14 of the North Dakota Century Code is
5 amended and reenacted as follows:
6 39-22-14. Motor vehicle dealer license - Fees - Penalty.
7 1. A person may not engage in the business of buying, selling, or exchanging of motor
8 vehicles without possessing a current motor vehicle dealer license. A person may not
9 advertise or otherwise hold out to the public as engaging in the buying, selling, or
10 exchanging of motor vehicles for resale without possession of a current new motor
11 vehicle dealer license or used motor vehicle dealer license.
12 2. The motor vehicle dealer license fee is one hundred dollars per year and for which the
13 department shall issue one dealer plate. The applicant for an initial new or used motor
14 vehicle dealer license shall submit with the application a nonrefundable fee of one
15 hundred dollars for the initial inspection with the application. The applicant shall
16 provide the business's federal employer identification number or, in the case of an
17 application from an individual, the individual's social security number.
18 3. A motor vehicle dealer licensed under this chapter may buy, sell, or exchange:
19 a. A motor-powered recreational vehicle if the dealer maintains a surety bond that
20 fulfills the requirements of section 39-22.3-05 and collects and timely transmits
21 any applicable snowmobile safety and off-highway safety fees; and
22 b. A trailer if the dealer maintains a surety bond that fulfills the requirements of
23 section 39-22.1-02.
Page No. 1 23.0636.02000
Legislative Assembly
1 4. A vehicle sold under subsection 3 does not count toward the minimum sales
2 requirement under section 39-22-18.
3 5. The department may assess a person violating this section a one hundred dollar fee
4 for a first violation, a two hundred dollar fee for a second violation within two years of
5 the first violation, or a fee of at least five hundred dollars but not more than two
6 thousand dollars for a third or subsequent violation within five years of the first
7 violation. Any person not licensed as a dealer under this section who has been
8 previously found to be in violation of this section, and assessed the fees specified, is
9 guilty of a class B misdemeanor if a third or subsequent violation occurs.
Page No. 2 23.0636.02000

Statutes affected:
INTRODUCED: 39-22-14
Enrollment: 39-22-14