Legislative Assembly HOUSE BILL NO. 1285
of North Dakota
Introduced by
Representatives Boschee, P. Anderson, Dobervich, Kasper, M. Ruby
Senators Dever, Marcellais, Oban
1 A BILL for an Act to create and enact two new sections to chapter 55-01 of the North Dakota
2 Century Code, relating to a commission for the commemoration of the two hundred fifty years
3 since America's founding; and to provide a continuing appropriation.
5 SECTION 1. A new section to chapter 55-01 of the North Dakota Century Code is created
6 and enacted as follows:
7 America 250 commission.
8 1. The America 250 commission within the state historical society is comprised of
9 members appointed under this subsection. The head of each of the following
10 departments and entities shall select one member to represent the department or
11 entity, and the state historical society may invite other persons to join the America 250
12 commission or select representatives to join the commission:
13 a. State historical society;
14 b. Department of veterans' affairs;
15 c. Department of public instruction;
16 d. Indian affairs commission;
17 e. State library;
18 f. North Dakota council on the arts;
19 g. North Dakota humanities council;
20 h. North Dakota state society daughters of the American revolution;
21 i. North Dakota tourism division of the department of commerce;
22 j. Parks and recreation department;
23 k. Office of the governor;
24 l. Office of each United States senator representing North Dakota;
Page No. 1 21.0657.04000
Legislative Assembly
1 m. Office of the United States representative representing North Dakota;
2 n. Majority party of the senate;
3 o. Majority party of the house of representatives;
4 p. Minority party of the senate; and
5 q. Minority party of the house of representatives.
6 2. The representative of the state historical society shall serve as the chairman of the
7 commission, and the state historical society shall provide staff support for the
8 commission.
9 SECTION 2. A new section to chapter 55-01 of the North Dakota Century Code is created
10 and enacted as follows:
11 Powers and duties of the commission - Continuing appropriation.
12 1. The American 250 commission has exclusive authority to represent this state in official
13 dealings with the American 250 foundation and the United States semiquincentennial
14 commission.
15 2. The commission may accept gifts, grants, and donations from public and nonpublic
16 sources and may expend or invest any funds the commission receives. Any funds
17 accepted by the commission are appropriated to the state historical society on a
18 continuing basis for the purpose of supporting the commission's lawful activities.
19 3. The commission may coordinate and engage in semiquincentennial initiatives
20 proposed or undertaken by any public or nonpublic person and may initiate or propose
21 semiquincentennial activities in or for this state.
22 4. The commission shall:
23 a. Develop and promote plans for statewide recognition of the two hundred fifty
24 years since America's founding;
25 b. Identify statewide and local community partners to provide local opportunities for
26 public discussion regarding the founding of our nation and the subsequent two
27 hundred fifty years;
28 c. Identify prominent locations to display a replica of the liberty bell;
29 d. Identify a permanent location within the state for a plaque or memorial honoring
30 patriots of the American revolution; and
Page No. 2 21.0657.04000
Legislative Assembly
1 e Develop and propose to the state historical society a budget to be included in the
2 state historical society's budget proposal to the legislative assembly which
3 includes contributions from local, state, and federal government entities; nonprofit
4 organizations; corporate entities; and individuals.
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