Legislative Assembly HOUSE BILL NO. 1531
of North Dakota
Introduced by
Representatives D. Johnson, Longmuir, Pyle, Schreiber-Beck, Zubke
Senators Rust, Schaible
1 A BILL for an Act to amend and reenact section 15.1-18-10 of the North Dakota Century Code,
2 relating to allowing individuals who do not have a teaching license to teach noncore subjects
3 upon meeting certain criteria.
5 SECTION 1. AMENDMENT. Section 15.1-18-10 of the North Dakota Century Code is
6 amended and reenacted as follows:
7 15.1-18-10. Specialty areas - Teacher qualification.
8 Notwithstanding the requirements of this chapter:
9 1. An individual may teach art, business education, computer education, a foreign
10 language, music, physical education, special education, and technology education at
11 any grade level from kindergarten through grade eight, provided the individual:
12 a. Is licensed to teach by the education standards and practices board;
13 b. Is approved to teach in that area by the education standards and practices board;
14 and
15 c. Meets all requirements set forth in rule by the superintendent of public instruction.
16 2. An individual may teach Native American languages provided the individual is an
17 eminence-credentialed teacher.
18 3. An individual may teach in the areas of trade, industry, technical occupations, or health
19 occupations, provided the individual has been issued a license to teach in such areas
20 by the education standards and practices board.
21 4. An individual may teach any subject without a license issued by the board except
22 mathematics, science, language arts, or social studies, if:
23 a. The individual teaches as a community expert in a geographical location in which
24 a teacher shortage or critical need exists, as determined by the board in
Page No. 1 19.1055.01000
Legislative Assembly
1 consultation with the superintendent of public instruction, upon written request by
2 the board of a school district to the board; and
3 b. The individual:
4 (1) Completes at least two thousand hours of relevant work experience as a
5 teacher in the subject area to be taught within the preceding five years;
6 (2) Completes coursework in the subject area to be taught, as determined by
7 the board;
8 (3) Achieves a passing score on all required licensure examinations in the
9 subject area to be taught, as determined by the board; or
10 (4) Demonstrates necessary teaching experience in a field for which there is no
11 license.
12 5. The board may authorize an individual to teach under subsection 4 for one year at a
13 time. The board may renew the one-year authorization up to three times.
Page No. 2 19.1055.01000

Statutes affected:
INTRODUCED: 15.1-18-10
Enrollment: 15.1-18-10