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This bill defines "a young child with a developmental disability" for the purposes of providing special educational services under the requirements of federal law. Such a child is:

(1) At least three years old but not older than nine years of age;

(2) Experiencing developmental delays, as measured by appropriate evaluative instruments and procedures, in one or more of the areas specified within the bill; and

(3) Requires special educational and related services.

The bill provides that children whose age makes them eligible for kindergarten or first grade may continue their eligibility as a young child with a developmental delay if the child had been categorized as such before attaining eligibility for kindergarten or grade one. This bill additionally provides that the category of "young child with a developmental delay" will not be used to determine continuing eligibility for a student who is seven years of age before August 1 of a given school year.

Statutes affected:
Introduced (4610H.01): 162.700