SPONSOR: Steinhoff

This bill modifies the current funding formula for state aid to public schools.

Beginning July 1, 2025, changes to the calculation include the following:

1) Removal of the %5 cap from the current operating expenditure;

2) Changing the weighted average daily attendance to be comprised of 1/2 pupil count based on weighted attendance and 1/2 pupil count based on "weighted membership";

3) Increasing the weight for free and reduced pupil count from .25 to .30 with an increase to .5 beginning in the 2028-29 school year;

4) Increasing the weight for special education pupils from .75 to 1;

5) Creating a weight for homeless pupils at .25; and

6) Adding a definition for "weighted membership" that provides a weighting for pupils that are enrolled in a district to be used as 1/2 of the funding calculation (Section 163.011, RSMo).

Currently if formula appropriations are insufficient to fund the state aid entitlement, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education may adjust the state adequacy target to match the appropriation. This bill authorizes the Department to adjust the state adequacy target if appropriation amounts exceed the amount necessary (Section 163.031).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (4290H.01): 163.011, 163.031