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Currently, the Health Professional Student Loan Repayment Program applies to graduates of approved medical schools, schools of osteopathic medicine, schools of dentistry, and accredited chiropractic colleges. This bill amends eligibility for the loan repayment program to include primary care physicians, psychiatrists, general dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, and marital and family therapists.

The Department of Health and Senior Services must amend standards for determining eligibility for the Loan Repayment Program to now also include full-time students enrolled in their final year of course study in psychology, counseling, clinical social work, and marital and family therapy.

The bill expands liability for repayment to the state for an individual under the Loan Repayment Program to include those who fail to pursue, in a reasonable amount of time, any clinical experience or other experience necessary for licensure.

This bill is similar to HB 2282 (2022).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (4250H.01): 191.600, 191.603, 191.605, 191.607, 191.614